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Saratoga Software Solutions offers consulting services covering all aspects of Information Technology. Our consultants provide expertise in the areas of project management, requirement gathering and management, analysis and design, development, quality control and assurance, and system deployment. As well as being individual contributors our consultants also provide mentoring, process improvement expertise, and reviews and audits of existing projects.

Saratoga Software Solutions’ consultants have the expertise and knowledge that will complement your team. Our consultants with their expert technical knowledge and extensive experience will provide strategic advantages to your projects. We strive to provide consultants that are not only the best in their technology field, but who also have excellent ethics, communication and inter-personal skills. Our consultants have proven track records and come highly recommended.

As individual contributors, our consultants will enhance your project teams. Our consultant’s expertise can also be leveraged to mentor your employees, in small or large size groups, including customized training classes.

Saratoga has harnessed the knowledge and lessons learned from project experiences, as well as best practices of the industry, to develop and define process improvement frameworks that could help to streamline your software development life cycle. We can provide expert consulting services to assist you with your software development life cycle process improvements.

Project audits will provide valuable information for project improvements, which will maximize your return on investment. Saratoga has the experience and competence to review and audit your existing projects. Our consultants are qualified and have the technical certifications to audit projects in the areas of project management, requirement management, technical design and development, as well as quality control and assurance.


Key Benefits

  • Consultants already have the expertise you need
  • Best practices implemented by our consultants
  • Extensive hands-on experience
  • Expertise and certifications
  • Consultants can fill temporary work requirements
  • Consultants are pre-screened saving you time and energy
  • Consultants provide savings related to HR administration
  • Consultants of the highest caliber

Project Management

Our PMP certified project managers have proven track records of successfully implementing projects from initiation through to deployment. Industry best practices and lessons learned are used to improve our project management methodology continuously. Our project managers are focused on all knowledge areas of the project, including Schedule, Cost, Scope, Risk, Procurement, Quality, Human Resources, Communication, and Integration.

Business Analysis

The analysis of project requirements is crucial to ensuring that the expectations of the stakeholders are met. It is imperative that the project requirements are gathered accurately and are managed throughout the life of the project. Our business analysts understand the importance of bridging the gap between the business community and the development team and follow through by ensuring that test coverage is accurate and complete.

Design and Development

Our technical consultants are leaders in the industry, keeping abreast with new technologies, and design and development methodologies. We implement an iterative and incremental development process. Our consultants understand the importance of developing component-based, robust, and reusable code that is scalable and maintainable.

Quality Assurance

Quality of the product as well as quality of the project must be controlled. Testing activities should start early in the project life cycle. Our consultants cover all phases of testing including unit, component, integration, system, stress, volume, and user acceptance testing. Our consultants are experienced with manual test execution as well as automated testing using state of the art tools.

Saratoga Software Solutions provides staffing for all Information Technology roles. Providing the best-fit person of the highest caliber is our recruiting team’s goal. Whether it is an individual team member or an entire team, Saratoga Software Solutions will assist you with your staffing needs. Our goal is to get you the right candidate, fast.


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