Saratoga Software Solutions’ full-time employees are eligible to participate in our comprehensive medical insurance and retirement benefits program.

For a look at our Overview of Benefits, please click here. W2 Benefits Package Overview

Our Retirement Plan is commonly referred to as a 401(k) plan. Under the Plan, you may choose to have a specific percentage or dollar amount withheld from your salary and have such amount deposited directly into a 401(k) account on your behalf. As a pre-tax contribution, you do not have to pay any income tax while your Salary Deferrals are held in the Plan, and any earnings on your Salary Deferrals are not taxed while they stay in the Plan. Employees are eligible to join the 401(k) plan the 1st of the month following their start date. The 401(k) plan is not matched.

Medical insurance benefits are available to all W2 employees on the 1st of the month following their start date.

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Our Medical Insurance program includes:

  • Major medical and prescription drug coverage
  • Life Insurance (paid by Saratoga)
  • Vision and dental coverage

United Healthcare Medical insurance plans:

All Savers Getting Started Guide

Humana, Inc. Dental, Vision, and Life insurance. Life insurance is paid by the company for all eligible full time employees.


TX Trad+ U&C 14 Dental Summary | Humana Vision 160 Plan Summary


Saratoga’s contribution towards Insurance premiums are as follows:

  • Saratoga pays 50% / month for the ‘Employee only’ portion of any plan
  • Saratoga pays 50% of the ‘Employee only’ for Dental & Vision Insurance.
  • Saratoga pays 100% of ‘Employee only’ for Life Insurance.

Section 125 Premium Only Plan (POP)

  • Saratoga has signed up for a Section 125 Premium Only Plan (POP).  The POP has been established so that participants will not have to include as taxable income the amount of compensation they use to pay for their premium contributions to eligible insurance plans offered by the company. Enrollment in the POP pre-tax program is automatic when you sign up for insurance benefits, but a signed form is required by all employees that sign up for the Saratoga insurance benefits.

SWACU (Southwest Airlines Federal Credit Union): Our employees get tangible credit union benefits for as long as they bank with SWACU.

We offer direct deposit payments and online paychecks and W2s.