Project Management


Our project managers conform to the Project Management Institute (PMI) guidelines, concentrating on all nine knowledge areas; Scope, Quality, Time, Cost, Communication, Human Resources, Procurement, Risk, and Integration.


Scope Management

The scope of the project is closely managed to ensure that we not only build the system right but also BUILD THE RIGHT SYSTEM. It is essential, for project success, to focus on the following areas:
  • Requirement management
  • Milestone deliverables
  • Requirement traceability
  • Change Control Board
  • Customer Feedback

Cost Management

 Project cost is budgeted in detail and monitored closely throughout the project. Budget reporting keeps the customer updated with actual and estimated costs. The following values are monitored continuously:
  • Budgeted at Completion (BAC)
  • Earned Value (BCWP or EV)
  • Return on Investment analysis (ROI)
  • Estimated at Completion (EAC)

Quality Management

Quality control and quality assurance are essential for project success. Test planning and execution, project reviews and customer feedback are essential in monitoring the quality of the project. There are many test phases of a project. Test phases are selected based on the specific needs of the particular project.

Time Management

Project time is managed by creating schedules that are driven and measured by tangible deliverables.
  • Measurable, tangible deliverables
  • Milestone goals
  • Detailed Schedules
  • Periodic status reporting to customer

Communication is Key

It is crucial to ensure seamless communication with stakeholders and within the project team.

Milestone deliverables are planned throughout the lifecycle of the project. The project manager and tech lead use a variety of tools to track deliverables throughout the project:


  • Progress Reports
  • Information distribution
  • Status meetings with Customer
  • Identification of all stakeholders
  • Customer feedback

Project Management Process Benefits


  • Management and control of all process areas.
  • Accurate, timely project status
  • Cost, Schedule, Scope, Quality control
  • Effective communication with all stakeholders
  •  No surprises
  • Reduced project risks Project information availability

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